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Loans Post-Drawdown

Charges for Early Repayment of a Fixed Rate Loan

You may repay this loan early, either fully or partially but should note that an early repayment charge may apply. If an early repayment charge applies, the Local Authority will calculate the level of the early repayment charge due to be paid by the borrower, should they decide to repay the Home Loan before the end of the term. The early repayment charge will be calculated as follows:

where breakage calculation = (A × (B-C)) × T ÷ 365.

Adding/Removing Borrowers

Removing a borrower

A borrower can be removed from a mortgage (for example due to relationship breakdown), however as this may have implications for the security and repayment of loan it can only be done with the consent of the Local Authority.

Adding a borrower

In certain circumstances (borrower enters into a new relationship), a borrower may seek to add a new borrower to the mortgage. This may be facilitated by your local authority but subsequent addition of borrowers which are an attempt to circumvent LAHL scheme rules will not be facilitated.