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Fresh Start Principle

A Fresh Start principle applies for applications to State affordable housing and loan schemes.

This means that the following categories of persons are eligible to apply for the Local Authority Home Loan;

Termination of Relationships - Separation/Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership/Civil Annulment

In recognition of instances where an individual has undergone a separation/legal separation/divorce or otherwise and has relinquished their rights to the family home property, an exemption to the First Time Buyer eligibility criteria can be applied under the Fresh Start Principle.

In cases such as these, the applicant must meet all the following criteria (This will need to be confirmed by way of a solicitor's letter before drawdown of any loan):


A person who has exited insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings and had previously purchased a home may still be eligible for Local Authority Home Loan if as a result of insolvency or bankruptcy they had to sell or had been divested of their home.

Where any of the persons making an application previously purchased or built a dwelling in the State for his or her occupation but that person demonstrates, that they have sold, or have been divested of, that dwelling as part of a personal insolvency or bankruptcy arrangement or proceedings or other legal process consequent upon insolvency, then the previous purchase or building of the dwelling concerned shall not render the applicant(s) ineligible for a Local Authority Home Loan.