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Information Centre Appendices

Appendix 1:
Supporting Documentation Required

The following list details the standard documentation required to complete a Local Authority Home Loan (LAHL) application. Further documentation may be requested at the discretion of the Local Authority as part of the Local Authority Home Loan application process at any time up to the drawdown of a loan.

Proof of Identity, address and Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)

All parties to LAHL applications will need to provide proof of name, their address and proof of PPSN or Tax Registration Number (TRN). Local Authorities are required to collect and verify your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) or Tax Reference Number (TRN). This is required by the Central Bank of Ireland's Central Credit Register for Customer Identification.

Proof of Name

Original of:

Proof of Address

Original of:

Proof of PPSN

Original of:

Financial Documentation

Originals or where E-statements printed from online banking certified by regulated financial provider:

Note: Self-employed applicants must submit business and personal account statements.

Local Authority/ Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) Tenants

Most recent 12 months evidence of rent payments. Tenants of a local authority or tenants under the RAS/HAP Scheme must submit a letter from the Rent Assessment Section confirming that their rent assessment is up to date and the account is clear for 6 months before applying for a LAHL.

Private Renting

If an applicant is in private rental, and there is no regular standing order or direct debit evidencing 12 months rent being paid out of their current account, a copy of the lease or rental agreement will be required.

Proof of Insufficient Loan Offers

Applicant must provide proof as set out below.

The value of the mortgage the applicant(s) were refused from two regulated financial providers must be equal to or less than the Local Authority Home Loan amount sought. A regulated financial provider is a company, or mortgage broker on behalf of a mortgage lender, that is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is permitted by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide monies to borrowers who wish to purchase a property. Acceptable evidence of this are:

In all instances, the evidence must be dated within 12 months of submitting a Local Authority Home Loan application. Original copies of all documentation are required as part of the application process.

10% deposit

The 10% deposit required for purchasing a residential property can be made up of:

Evidence of Savings/Contribution Required

Income Confirmation

Employed (PAYE)
Employed (PAYE) Contract
Self Employed
Company Directors
If in receipt of Department of Social Protection benefits

Completed Appendix 2 from Local Authority Home Loan application form. Benefit payments received in the previous 12 months must be verified by the Department of Social Protection

Maintenance Payments

Appendix 2:
Reasons why an application may receive a Recommendation to Decline

Unsatisfactory Credit History

Details outlined in the applicant's Central Credit Register enquiry or registered judgement check indicates that the applicant(s) has a related issue.

Net Income Ratio Outside of Policy

The proposed monthly repayment as a percentage of the applicant's net monthly income exceeds the percentage as permitted in the Local Authority Home Loan Credit Policy.

Repayment Capacity Not Demonstrated/Evident

Applicant's capacity to service the proposed monthly loan and MPI repayments is not proven from documentation provided.

Unsatisfactory Savings Record / Source of Financial Contribution

Applicants have insufficient savings to cover the 3% cash deposit requirement, or their savings record is not credible and consistent.

Sufficiently Committed

Applicant's current financial commitments i.e. monthly loan repayments, credit card commitments, etc. do not leave sufficient funds to cover the proposed monthly loan and MPI repayments.

Income Sustainability Not Evident

Applicant's employment/income sustainability is not proven from documentation provided.

Unsatisfactory Financial Management

Applicant's financial information i.e. banks current account statements, credit union statements, rent statement or credit card statements indicate unsatisfactory operation of these accounts by way of arrears, unpaid standing orders/direct debits, bank referral fees and missed credit card payments.

Appendix 3:
Valuation Report

Download Indicative Valuation Report Template

Explanatory Notes For the Completion of the Valuation Report Form

All Valuation Reports should be completed in full with no part left blank and no question left unanswered. All Valuation Reports should be signed and dated with the Valuer's stamp imprinted thereon. No amended valuation amounts, either by overwriting or by use of correction fluid, will be accepted. All Valuation Reports should be accompanied by a coloured photograph giving clear and unobstructed views of the property over which it is proposed that security be taken (the "Property") with the address of the Property and the date duly imprinted thereon.


State if the location is urban or rural. If rural give the distance from nearest town/village, civic amenities, transport links etc.

Give details of any other information which may affect future saleability

Are there any unusual aspects regarding the Property and its environment e.g. rights-of-way, bad approach to the Property, adverse development plans, noise, smells, pylons, TC masts, flooding, vandalism or any similar factors that would negatively impact on future saleability.

Is there any visual evidence of subsidence, settlement, land slip or ground heave?

If there is evidence of damage arising from the above or through shoddy workmanship details are to be given. Valuer should also take into consideration obvious defects in neighbouring properties.

Do you recommend a specialist report?

If the Valuer is unable to determine the cause of a defect which could have relevance to the future condition/resale of the Property then he should suggest a specialist report to comment upon the particular defect(s).

Such reports should only be requested where deemed necessary and should not become routine.

Are there any Rights of Way, easements or Way Leaves required/provided by the subject property?

If there is evidence of any of the above on or over the Property please give details and advise on the likely impact on resale.

If the Property forms part of a development, please advise

All parts of this question must be answered to enable the Local Authority to form an overall view of the status of the development.