Local Authority Home Loan

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Local Authority Home Loan

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  1. What is the maximum value of the property I can purchase or self-build?
  2. What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
  3. What is the maximum loan to value I can borrow?
  4. What is the maximum term over which I can borrow?
  5. How much deposit do I need?
  6. Can I use the Help-To-Buy scheme towards my deposit?
  7. What is the interest rate?
  8. What is a fixed interest rate mortgage?
  9. Can I repay my fixed rate mortgage early?
  10. What is Mortgage Protection Insurance?
  11. What is the Local Authority Mortgage Protection Insurance Group Scheme?
  12. What is the Fresh Start Principle?
  13. What is a Local Property Tax Check?
  14. What is the Central Credit Register?
  15. Where can I get more information about the Local Authority Home Loan?

My Eligibility

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  1. Am I eligible if I am not a first-time buyer?
  2. Am I eligible if I have inherited a property?
  3. Am I eligible to apply if I am from a country outside the Republic of Ireland?
  4. What does it mean for me to be habitually resident in the Republic of Ireland?
  5. I am married/in a civil partnership/in a committed relationship – can we apply as two single applicants?
  6. What evidence of insufficient mortgage offers do I need?

My Employment and Income

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  1. What employment do I need to be eligible for the Local Authority Home Loan?
  2. Can I apply if I am on Contract Employment?
  3. What is continuous employment?
  4. What impact does Covid-19 related periods of unemployment have on my continuous employment?
  5. What evidence of employment do I need?
  6. Can I apply if I am on probation?
  7. How is my income calculated for eligibility?
  8. How is my income calculated for borrowing?
  9. How is my commission/overtime/bonus treated as part of my income?
  10. Can I use my State Benefit payments as income?

My Application

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  1. Where can I get an application form?
  2. Do I have to have a property selected before I apply?
  3. Where do I send my application for a Local Authority Home Loan?
  4. Can I apply to more than one local authority?
  5. Do I need to apply for a specified loan amount?
  6. What documentation do I need to provide with my application?
  7. What documentation do I need for the Fresh Start principle?
  8. Who makes the decision on my application?
  9. What is a valid application?
  10. How long will it take to get a decision on my application?
  11. What will I receive from my local authority as part of a decision?
  12. For what reason could my application be declined?
  13. How long is an Approval in Principle valid for?
  14. Can I appeal the decision of my local authority on my application?
  15. Where can I get information about my current application?

My Property

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  1. What type of property can I purchase or self-build?
  2. Can I use the Local Authority Home Loan for a self-build property?
  3. Can I use the Local Authority Home Loan to purchase a home through an Affordable Purchase Scheme or a Tenant Purchase Scheme?
  4. Can I use the Local Authority Home Loan to carry out refurbishments on the property I wish to purchase/already own?
  5. Can I transfer my Local Authority Home Loan to another property?