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Home Loan Calculator

This calculator is provided to give you an estimate of what you may be able to borrow. The amount is indicative only and is based upon your inputs of earnings, etc. All indicative monthly repayment amounts are for the loan amount only and exclusive of Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) which is a requirement of borrowing. 

Home Loan Calculator

Max. Property Value:


Up to a maximum of €0 for single applicants or €0 for joint applicants. See our FAQ for how your income is calculated for borrowing and how additional payments of overtime, commission, bonus or shift allowances are treated.

Up to a combined maximum of €0 for joint applicants.

If you already have a bank loan, credit union loan or maintenance payment commitment please enter the monthly total of these repayments in the field above. Rent payments should not be included here. If Existing Monthly Commitments exceed the allowable amount, you will get a nil result for Indicative Maximum Loan Amount and Indicative Monthly Repayment Amount below.